Woman shares ‘eureka’ trick to dry clothes without a tumble dryer in two hours

A SAVVY woman has discovered a clever trick to dry clothes without using a tumble dryer – and it only takes two hours.
Alix Byrne, 24, from Glasgow shared the hack on social media and it left viewers stunned.


Alix Byrne, 24, from Glasgow discovered a clever trick to dry clothes without using a tumble dryerCredit: JamPress


The postwoman had a sudden ‘eureka moment’ when putting her bedding out to dryCredit: JamPress

Drying clothes in the winter can be a nightmare as a result of the cold temperatures, meaning your clothes stay damp for unwanted amounts of time.
Turning on the heating for long periods of time simply isn’t affordable for many people nowadays, while using a tumble dryer can be just as expensive.
But Alix has figured out a smart way to ensure her clothes – and now yours – can dry in super quick time.
It came after the postwoman, who lives in a one bedroom flat with her partner, had a sudden “eureka moment” when putting her bedding out to dry.

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After covering the clothes horse with a bedsheet and placing it near the radiator, Alix was stunned to realise the sheet had created a pocket of hot air.
This meant the clothes drying underneath were ready to go within just two hours.
“It was kind of a eureka moment.” Alix told Jam Press.
“I was trying to find where else to hang the bed sheet to dry, apart from over the kitchen door which ends up smelling of whatever you’re cooking.

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“I usually keep my clothes frame by the radiator, especially in winter and I just thought ‘why not throw the bedsheet over the frame, tuck the ends behind the radiator and under the stands then the hot air from the radiator will dry my clothes in hours.’

“It saves up space as your clothes would be dry within hours and the clothes horse can be packed away again.”
Alix adds that using a double bed sheet over a king sheet so it’s not totally covering the whole clothes frame avoids dampness.
This is because there are still gaps for the air to escape and heat the room up.
“People have also asked if this can cause fires but I don’t think a radiator is hot enough,” Alix continued.

“If you’re that worried just turn it down on low heat for longer and keep an eye on it.
“I’ve found on a medium-high setting, they were dry within 2-3 hours and 4-6 on low give or take.
“My clothes also still smell fresh from the fabric conditioner because they dried so quick.”
After sharing the video to her friends and family on Facebook, it didn’t take long for the clip to go viral.

Ali’x video garnered more than 400k likes, with users loving her tips.
“Done this for years it’s actually brilliant all my clothes dry so quick!” one person said.
“Definitely giving this a go, takes about three days to dry an airer full of washing,” wrote another.
A third added: “Omg why haven’t I seen this before, constantly wondering how to dry washing faster with all radiators being full, dryer full and clothes horse full.”

Elsewhere, a woman has shared her genius hack for drying clothes “in a third of the time” without using a tumble dryer.
Violet Witchel shared the nifty hack via a video posted to her TikTok channel, where she boasts over two million followers.

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And another expert has revealed how she helps her washing dry by placing a standing fan next to the clothes dryer.
She also keeps her window open slightly to allow the breeze from outside to air out the clothes and blow them dry.