When is the breakfast wrap available at McDonald’s? Release date revealed

MCDONALD’S fans will be thrilled to know the popular breakfast wrap is set to return to menus.
The fast food giant exclusively revealed to The Sun that the beloved item will once again grace its morning offering – but when is it back?


McDonald’s fans will be thrilled to know the popular breakfast wrap is set to returnCredit: McDonald’s UK

Foodies have been crying out for the wrap to make a comeback since it was cut from menus.
The chain axed both the Breakfast Wraps and the Breakfast Bagels from restaurants in March 2020.
Those praying for their return were left devastated in January 2022 when it was confirmed the items were gone for good.
For four years their cries fell on deaf ears but not for much longer.


And, not only is the breakfast snack returning but it’s also had a facelift.
Below we reveal when the wrap is officially back in restaurants, what’s changed and what else you can find on the McDonald’s breakfast menu.
When is the McDonald’s Breakfast Wrap back on menus?
Fans of the Breakfast Wrap will be over the moon to know they’ll be able to get their hands on it again from Wednesday, February 7.
It will be available in all the 14,000-odd restaurants across the UK and Ireland.

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The wrap will be served all morning until 11am, when it then switches over to lunchtime and dinner food.
You’ll be able to grab it from 5am if your local Maccies is open 24 hours.
If not it will be available from whenever the branch opens.
Fans will need to be quick though because the breakfast snack is only around for a limited time – although if it’s popular it could be made permanent.
What has changed in the McDonald’s Breakfast Wrap?
It’s thought that one of the biggest issues with the previous version of the Maccies Breakfast Wrap was the folded eggs which were tricky to make in the morning rush.

The new snack will come with two free-range round eggs stuffed inside instead.
These resemble those found inside the classic McMuffins.
It’s now made up of one pork sausage patty, two round free-range eggs, and a slice of bacon.
This is then topped with a crispy potato rosti and cheese, all served inside a tortilla wrap.
Fans have the choice to order it with either tomato ketchup or brown sauce.

The returning favourite will be available from £4.39 on its own, or £5.89 for a meal with a drink and a hashbrown.
But do remember that prices do vary from restaurant to restaurant so make sure you double check before you pay.
What else is on the McDonald’s Breakfast Menu?
The wrap will be joining a whole host of other breakfast items including the iconic McMuffins and Cheesy Bacon Flatbreads.
Its latest addition was the Mighty McMuffin which first debuted in November 2022.

The stacked snack then made a return in March last year and has been on the menu ever since.
Here is the full list of what is available on the McDonald’s breakfast menu currently:

Mighty McMuffin with Brown Sauce
Mighty McMuffin with Tomato Ketchup
Breakfast Roll with Ketchup
Bre …