What new menu items are coming to McDonald’s in August 2023?

MCDONALD’S fans will want to know what the latest menu additions are and how long they’re around for.
The fast food chain regularly shakes up its offering in its UK and Ireland restaurants, often adding brand new items too.


The all-new McCrispy Deluxe burger is a fresh twist on the popular favouriteCredit: McDonald’s UK


The BBQ Quarter Pounder Cheese is topped with Maccies’ iconic smoky BBQ sauceCredit: McDonald’s UK

Maccies has around 1,400 sites just in the United Kingdom alone.
While the menus will remain the same at most restaurants, prices do vary from branch to branch.
That’s why it’s always best to double check the cost of your favourite meal before you pay.
You can find your nearest McDonald’s using the restaurant locator tool on its website.

Most of the time Maccies will switch out its menu every six weeks, although some special edition items might stay on for longer or less time.

Some of the change-ups will see popular items brought back, such as the Grand Big Mac, or some might be brand new like the Biscoff McFlurry.
The new additions will often be announced around a week before they are due to hit menus, and The Sun regularly reports on the updates.
Below we reveal what is on the McDonald’s menu for August 2023 and how much each item costs.

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What is on the McDonald’s menu in August 2023?
Each of the following items will be available in all McDonald’s restaurants across the UK from August 2.

Making its debut on the menu is the new McCrispy Deluxe.
The all-new burger is a fresh twist on the popular favourite.
It’s made up of a 100% chicken breast fillet in a crunchy coating with hot and spicy mayo, and topped with cheese and bacon.
Plus, the BBQ Quarter Pounder Cheese and the BBQ Double Quarter Pounder Cheese are making a comeback.
The BBQ Quarter Pounder Cheese is just like the usual but topped with Maccies’ iconic smoky BBQ sauce.
You can even take i …