What are McDonald’s chicken nuggets made out of?

MCDONALD’S chicken nuggets are loved universally – but what exactly goes into them?They cost around £3.39 for six nuggets, while hungrier fans know a 20 piece sharebox costs typically just under a fiver.
1Usain Bolt revealed he ate an estimated 1,000 McNuggets during the 2008 Beijing OlympicsCredit: Alamy
Prices can vary between stores though.
You can also get McDonald’s chicken nuggets in a meal for around £5.09 and often you can take advantage of Maccie’s frequent deals to get your fast-food even cheaper.
Every Monday it hosts a 99p offer, for example.
But in this article we’re looking at what makes up the scrummy meal option. Find out below.

What are McDonald’s chicken nuggets made out of?
Contrary to popular belief, McDonald’s chicken nuggets are made from 100% chicken breast meat, according to the fast-food giant.
But the chicken only adds up to 45% of a McNugget – as the rest of the recipe is a combination of batter, seasoning and oil.
They are lightly battered before being covered in a second coat of tempura batter, which gives them the signature crisp we all know and love.
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After being partially cooked in a fryer, they are cooled, frozen, and packaged up to be sent to McDonald’s restaurants where they are fully cooked.
Are McDonald’s chicken nuggets real chicken?
McDonald’s states that their Chicken McNuggets are made with inspected boneless white-meat chicken — cut from the chicken breast, tenderloins and rib meat.
They are sourced from a range of suppliers and local farms across the UK.
McDonald’s says: “We are deeply committed to the health and welfare of all animals in our supply chain.
“That’s why we’re proud to only work with approved suppliers who adhere to our high standards, as well as those required by UK and EU legislation.”
Are McDonald’s chicken nuggets bad for you?
McDonald’s chicken nuggets aren’t necessarily the healthiest option on the menu, and you might be able to make a healthier and cheaper choice at home too.
But McDonald’s does advertise its calorie count online if you do want to take a look at what goes into the nuggets.
Six McNuggets have 261 calories.
A nine piece option has 391 calories too.
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