Walkers discontinue ‘their best ever’ crisps & shoppers are gutted

A SHOPPER has been left devastated by the news that snack food manufacturer Walkers has discontinued his favourite crisps.
The customer had searched high and low for the product in supermarkets but kept comping up empty.


Walkers has confirmed its Tear ‘n’ Share crisps have been discontinuedCredit: Walkers

He seized the opportunity to get answers from Walkers and replied to a post shared by the company to X, formerly Twitter.
The user wrote: “What’s happened to your tear & share pks? (sic) Can (sic) find them anywhere.”
Walkers Crisps responded the following day, finally putting an end to his confusion: “Tear ‘n’ Share were discontinued several years ago, we’re sorry to say.”
The shattered customer said: “Thanks for your reply. That’s why I can never source them. They were your best ever!”

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It comes after Walkers discontinued its “to die for” Cheese Mixups crisps, comprising a combination of Tangy Cheese Doritos, Cheese and Onion French Fries, Cheese Bugles, and Wotsits.
Previously, it announced to its fans that it was stopping production of its salt and vinegar Quavers, Walkers Max Flamin’ Hot crisps, Peking Spare Rib oriental crackers, Worcester Sauce crisps, and Regal Mint & Lamb Sensations.
Walkers also discontinued its Beef & Onion crisps, much to the dismay of many.
One woman wrote to Walkers Crisps on X, asking: “Have you stopped making Beef and Onion Crisps?” to which the company replied: “Sorry to say Beef & Onion was discontinued last year.”

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Facebook page Crazy Bout Crisps shared in the disappointment: “So Walkers have confirmed to me that they have once more discontinued their Beef & Onion flavour crisps. Sad times.”
The Sun revealed in November that Sizzling Steak Wotsits had also shockingly been discontinued.
Fans of the savoury snack took to social media to beg Walkers to bring back their favourite flavour.
One X user tagged the brand in a post which said: “Bring back sizzling steak wotsits I beg please I miss them,” alongside two crying emojis.

Another wrote: “Please tell me you haven’t dropped the sizzling steak wotsits? I’ve an autistic boy that absolutely loves these.”
Walkers responded to its heartbroken fans and confirmed the news they had been dreading: they too had recently been discontinued.
An upset man replied: “Can’t see why you’s h …