Universal Credit payments for Easter 2022 revealed – here’s when you’ll be paid

UNIVERSAL Credit claimants could receive their payment sooner than expected this April due to the Easter bank holiday.Benefits payments aren’t made on bank holidays, so you could get paid earlier than usual over the Easter weekend.
1Some Universal Credit claimants are set to see another payment date change this EasterCredit: Alamy
Universal credit (UC) is a monthly payment aimed at helping low-income or unemployed households with living expenses.
Your payment date depends on when you first applied and when your application for UC benefits was approved – there is no set day for everyone.
Usually you receive your first payment seven days after the end of your initial assessment period.
Your UC is then paid on that date each following month.
For example, if your assessment period ends on February 1, you would be paid on February 8, and then on the eighth of each subsequent month.
But when a payment date lands on a weekend or bank holiday, the money is often paid out one working day earlier.
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This was also the case over Christmas, for example.
Christmas Day and Box Day fell on Saturday and Sunday, meaning the following Monday and Tuesday were bank holidays.
That meant Universal Credit claimants due to be paid on those days instead got their money on December 24.
This year, the Easter bank holiday falls in April, with Good Friday on April 15 and Easter Monday on April 18.
So if your payment is due on any of the dates between April 15 and April 18, you should expect to be paid the Thursday before, on April 14.
This will be adjusted automatically, so there’s no need to do anything. 
If your payment falls outside of these dates, you shouldn’t expect any changes at all. 
Will the amount paid change?
No. Despite the date change, the amount paid remains the same, unless your circumstances change – in which case you may be awarded more or less.
Keep this in mind when budgeting or planning your expenses, as being paid earlier means you’ll have to make money stretch further until the next month’s payment.
Are there any other dates that affect my payment?
After Easter, the next bank holiday in line is May 2, which falls on a Monday.
This means claimants who get paid on this day of the month should instead be paid the Friday beforehand, which is April 29.
Scotland and Northern Ireland bank holidays differ to those in England, meaning UC payment dates will differ too.
Will any other payments be affected?
Other benefit schemes are likely to follow the same date changes too.
So those on Employment support allowance, Jobseeker’s allowance, Carer’s allowance, Pension credit, Personal Independence Payments and/or Attendance allowance should note …