Two million Brits to get a pay rise next month when minimum wage goes up

THE minimum wage is set to increase next month, giving workers a boost to their salary.The increase will particularly benefit millions of lower-paid workers but the rate you get will depend on your age- here is what you need to know.
1The minimum wage is decided by the government each yearCredit: Getty
The national minimum age is the legal hourly pay rate for UK workers.
Minimum pay rates were first introduced in 1998.
Companies are even named and shamed if they don’t pay the basic amount as required by the law.
The minimum is decided by the government each year based on recommendations by the Low Pay Commission (LPC).
It then typically changes each April.
The LPC estimates that are 2million workers paid at or below the minimum wage so any increase will boost their salaries.
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Chancellor Rishi Sunak confirmed increases to minimum wage rates in his November Budget last year.
Who gets the minimum wage?
The minimum wage should be paid to workers above school leaving age, usually 16.
It applies if you work full-time and also part-time or as a casual worker.
Apprentices should also be paid the National Minimum Wage, as well as trainees and staff still in their probationary period.
The amount you get is linked to your age and increases as you get older.
Am I entitled to the minimum wage?
There are two types of legal minimum.
The National Minimum Wage is paid to workers under age 23 but of school leaving age.
If you are older than 23, you could be eligible for the National Living Wage, first launched in 2015.
This is different to the Real Living Wage, which is a voluntary minimum that some employers commit to paying and is usually higher than the official government rate.
It is calculated separately to the government by the Resolution Foundation and overseen by the Living Wage Commission.
You would only get this if your employer is signed up to the Real Living Wage.
Companies involved include Aviva, Ikea and Nationwide.
You won’t qualify for the minimum wage if you are se …