Together Energy is ‘facing collapse within weeks’ affecting 170,000 customers

TOGETHER Energy is the latest firm to face collapse as it’s feared the energy supplier could run out of funding by the end of this month.The stark warning just days into the new year comes after 26 energy providers ceased trading in 2021.
1Together Energy is reported to be facing collapseCredit: Reuters
Together Energy could be the first casualty in the energy industry of 2022, Sky News reports.
It would affect 170,000 customers, leaving households facing price hikes.
The firm, which is 50%-owned by Warrington Borough Council, is said to be looking for emergency funding.
A spokesperson said the company was “in active conversations” about a cash injection.
Together Energy was understood to be looking for funding options back in November.
Sources have now said the chances of it securing funding are “remote”.
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Bulb was the last energy supplier seeking a rescue deal, and it collapsed in November, leaving 1.7million customers facing higher bills.
Households are already set to see their bills double to more than £2,000 this year as the energy crisis continues.
And it is feared more firms could go bust as they struggle to cope with rising wholesale costs.
Martin Lewis has today urged Brits to brace themselves as bills could rise by £600 when the energy price cap increase is announced next month.
Experts predict energy bills will rise by 51% when the price cap is reviewed by the energy regulator Ofgem, with an increase applied from April.
Some households are also being double charged after their provider has collapsed – with payments being taken from both their old and new suppliers.
The Sun has contacted Together Energy and Warrington Council for comment.
Warrington Borough Council ploughed £18illion into the company in September 2019 to “address the climate emergency, tackle fuel poverty and create new job opportunities for local people”.
Last year, the council predicted the firm would have 850,000 customer accounts within three years.

What should I do if my energy provider collapses?
If your provider does cease trading you won’t lose your energy supply.
Ofgem will arrange an interim provider for you.
You should, however, take an up-to-date meter reading and keep your latest bill as well as details of any credit on your account.
The current advice, when you are appointed a new supplier, is to stay on the standard tariff and not lock in to a fixed deal.
Currently, fixed tariffs are more expensive than the energy price cap.
Three things all energy customers should do now
Even if your energy provider still looks safe for now, there are a few things you can do to prep.
Take a regular, up-to-date meter reading first off – that …