Time running out to get £450 lump sum payment to help with cost of living

THOUSANDS of households can get up to £450 in free support – and you don’t have to be on Universal Credit or other benefits.
The support is provided through the government’s Household Support Fund (HSF) scheme and is available across the country.


Households can get hundreds of pounds in support without being on benefitsCredit: Getty

Residents in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, are set for a one-off £50 payment, but could also get the full £450.
The free cash will be given to families on housing benefit, and/or Council Tax reductions or free school meals.
Calderdale Council began contacting eligible families in January, but households can still register for payment if they think they’re eligible.
The deadline for applications is Thursday, February 29.

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Payments will begin on February 19 and be staggered throughout week.
Households who don’t get any extra cost of living support from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) can get up to £450.

To apply, residents must provide their last two bank statements for every adult in the household.
Councils around the country are giving out the cash to struggling households to help them with the rising cost of bills and food.

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Each council gets a different portion of funding depending on the size of the catchment area, population, and need.
The vouchers or grants on offer vary by location so you’ll have to check to see what you can get and how your council will pay you.

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The fund is often aimed at those already on low incomes and claiming help.
But you don’t always need to be on benefits or Universal Credit to be eligible for the cash.
There are also some areas offering the help to households who don’t claim support from the government.
To get more information on what support is available, and how to get it, you’ll need to contact your local council.

You can find yours using the gov.uk council checker tool.
British Gas, Octopus Energy and EDF are some of the major companies that offer help.
Eligibility requirements vary depending on the firm, but you’ll usually have to provide evidence you’re in energy debt or facing fuel poverty.
The Government classes fuel poverty as when a household has to spend a “high proportion” of its income to keep the temperature at a reasonable level.
It’s worth checking if you qualify for benefits too, after the latest figures from analytics company Policy in Practice revealed £19billion worth of support goes unclaimed each year.

There are several free online calculators you can use to find out what you might be eligible for:

Not only could claiming benefits see you earn extra money from the benefits themselves, it could help you qualify for the £299 cost of living payment.
Meanwhile, anyone who pays for their energy with a prepayment meter might be able to get a fuel voucher to top up.
It comes via the Fuel Bank Foundation which provides emergency fuel vouchers to households in danger of running out o …