Thousands ‘have huge success’ slashing bills with Martin Lewis’ rules

THOUSANDS claim to have slashed their monthly household bills using Martin Lewis’ “check and challenge” and “bedrooms” rules.
The Money Saving Expert said there are a number of ways to save money on your bills.


The Money Saving Expert doled out more great tips tonightCredit: ITV

Martin Lewis told viewers that English councils will be allowed to raise council tax by up to 5 per cent this April.
This could be up to £100 more per year on Band D for residents despite the cost-of-living crisis.
But the Money Saving Expert says there is one way to help with the hike in fees.
Speaking on his ITV show tonight, Lewis urged viewers to do his Council Tax band “check and challenge”.

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He said that more than 400,000 people are in the wrong council tax bands.
Look up your postcode on the government’s online band checker to see which bracket you should be in.
If you are in a higher band than your neighbours, your next step should be to check how much your house was worth in 1991.
This might seem a strange thing to look up, but the government uses this information to decide which band you should be in.

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Be careful – challenging your council without doing this check might get your neighbours’ bills raised without lowering yours.
But if both the online tool and the valuation check suggest you are paying too much council tax, ring up your local authority.
If it turns out you have been paying too much, you will get a back-dated payout.
Martin also said there was a way to save some money on your water bills.

He noted that water bills and meters were rising an average of 6 per cent in England and Wales with some even seeing a 20 per cent hike.
The Money Saving Expert said: “You need to check if you should be on a water meter.”
Martin said that if you have more bedrooms than people, or the same number, you should consider getting a water meter to “cut down your bill”.
Martin said you can also use the CCWater calculator to check how much a meter could save you.

One happy viewer said they had saved £714 per year after volunteering for a water meter.
If a meter doesn’t work out for you, some firms will let you switch back within two years – but check to make sure.
Sometimes you will be told that fitting a water meter is not practical for your property.


Should this happen, ask for an “assessed charge” reve …