The simple kettle trick that could save you £329 a year on your energy bills

ENERGY bills are going up for all, so it means some Brits have to cut back on usage if they want to keep their costs down.Frequently boiling a kettle can cost as much £400 a year for tea loving households, but it’s easy to slash that down – according to one TikToker.
1A simple kettle trick could save you hundreds of pounds on your energy billsCredit: PA
Known as scott8bits on the viral video platform, the aspiring money mogul shared a 40 second clip revealing how others could save £329 a year with a simple energy saving hack.
The easy trick, racking up over 100 likes on the app, means Brits won’t have to reach to boil the kettle every time they’re after a cuppa.
And that means they won’t be using as much energy every time they’re after a sip.
Put to use, households could save hundreds on their energy bills which are due to rise a record £693 in April.
Many have been crippled by soaring costs from food prices to taxes, with some having to make the stark choice between heating and eating as a result.
But last week, it emerged that the energy price cap, in place to stop households from being ripped off, would escalate to £1,971 a year by spring.
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With those soaring costs to consider, Brits are looking to keep costs down as much as possible.
So in the kitchen, use of the kettle could be the perfect place to start.
How does the trick work?
The TikToker first instructed viewers to fill up their kettle and fire it up.
That means pouring in much more water than you’d need for one beverage.
They explained: “Each t …