The question I’m always asked as a coin expert about undated Charles 50p

A COIN expert has revealed the question he receives “all the time” about an undated King Charles 50p.
Rare coins and bank notes can fetch hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds.


A coin expert has revealed the question he’s always asked about a rare 50p coinCredit: UKCOINHUNT

In most cases, it’s because they have a low mintage figure – the amount struck and put into circulation.
But “error” coins, which have been struck incorrectly during the manufacturing process, also sell for hefty sums.
There’s usually only a handful of them in general circulation making them extremely rare.
But one coin expert has responded to questions about a supposed undated King Charles 50p.

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The King Charles III: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II piece was issued in 2022 and the first to feature Charles’ face.
Almost five million of the piece, with the reverse side showing the design of the 1953 coronation crown, were put into general circulation.
But one TikTok user has moved to put rumours down there is an error version of the coin which doesn’t feature a “2022” date.
Explaining the most common question he receives on his channel, user @UKCoinHunt said in a recent video how the supposed error coin doesn’t actually exist, as the 50ps do feature a date.

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He explained: “How much are the undated King Charles 50ps worth?
“Let me tell you now. Absolutely nothing. Because it does actually have a date.
“I see this question all the time. A lot of people don’t realise this coin actually has a date on.”
He goes on to explain how you can find the 2022 date on the reverse side of the coin at the bottom.
If you are looking at the side with King Charles’ face on, that means you need to flip it.

UKCoinHunt said he had received 15 questions on one of his previous TikTok videos about the supposed error coin.
“They all do have dates,” he added. “If they didn’t then they would be worth something, for sure.”
How to check if a coin is valuable
In most cases, a coin is valuable if a low amount were struck and put into circulation – known as its mintage figure.
Generally, the lower a coin’s mintage figure, the more you will be able to sell it for in auction, on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

But this isn’t always the case and some coins have been known to sell for more than others despite more having …