The areas worst hit by energy bill price hikes – do you live in one of them?

HOUSEHOLDS in some areas of the country are spending up to 66% more of their budget on heating than those who live in London. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that those living in Northern Ireland and Scotland are forking out considerably more of their money on energy.
1Regions across the UK are spending more of their budget on rising energy bills than London
The ONS has looked at the proportion of weekly household budgets spent on energy in various parts of the country compared with those living in London, Mail Online reports.
It found that households in Northern Ireland are spending 50% more of their weekly budget on gas and electricity than people in the capital.
That compares with just 10% more for those living in the surrounding areas of London, including East Anglia and Kent.
Households in Scotland, Wales and parts of Northern England are spending an average of 40% to 50% more of their budget on energy bills than Londoners.
While those in the South West of England spend between 10% and 20% more of their money on gas and electricity.
Latest ONS figures show the average weekly earnings of a full-time worker in Northern Ireland is £584, compared to £889 for someone in London.
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As well as having lower average earnings, some of the regions which spend most of their budget on energy are also typically colder, meaning they are forced to ramp up the radiator more.
The stark divide comes as energy bills have soared and are set to continue rising in 2022.
Some experts are expecting the average household bill to top £2,000 this year.
The energy crisis has left some families having to choose between heating and eating this winter.
It has also led to the coll …