Shoppers go wild as gadget which dries washing fast is slashed to £5 at B&M

SHOPPERS have gone wild after a “game-changing” gadget which dries washing fast was slashed to just £5 at B&M.
The unique Addis Radiator Airer is the perfect home accessory and doesn’t need to be plugged in to work.


Shoppers have gone wild for a ‘game-changing’ gadget which dries washing fastCredit: TIKTOK: @mummytoasmallarmy


Wilko’s have been selling the product for £6.99 and has been a big hit with customersCredit: TIKTOK: @mummytoasmallarmy


However, B&M are now selling the Addis Radiator Airer 2pk for just £5Credit: B&M

It can be hung from any radiator in the house and left to dry your washing with ease.
And with B&M selling it as a two pack, you can use more than one at a time to dry your clothes.
It’s currently the cheapest clothes airer on the market, with Wilko also selling the same product for £6.99.
But one happy customer who bought theirs from Wilko expressed their delight at the product in a video on social media.

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TikTok user Ella (@mummytoasmallarmy) said: “The radiator airers from @lovewilko are another game changer.
“Super handy even if you don’t use your central heating as your laundry still dries.
“I use it at night ready for the heating switching on in the morning for a little bit.”
One commenter who also has the same product offered their own insight on how best to use the clothes dryer.

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They said: “I have a couple of these over my banister over the stairs. As heat rises my washing dries so quickly on there.”
In response, Ella agreed, saying they are a “must have” – especially with the cost of running a dryer.
If you’re willing to spend extra to dry your clothes quicker, then heated airers are a popular alternative.
They can be a great way to dry laundry for less, costing as little as 6p to run for an hour, and are particularly handy during the winter.

We put the most popular heated airers to the test to find which works best and how much they cost to run.
And one expert has revealed how he she uses an air dryer to substitute the affect of an energy intensive tumble dryer.
In a video on TikTok, @Chrissy.j.xx showed how she puts the air dryer under a clothes rack, before placing a towel over the clothes.