Retailer ridiculed for warning Valentine’s Day cards could upset ‘snowflakes’

A HIGH street retailer has been mocked for going “woke” — after warning its Valentine’s Day cards could trigger spurned lovers.
Card Factory sent out a warning email to tens of thousands of customers offering a February 14 marketing opt-out.


Card Factory has sent out a warning revealing that it’s Valentine’s Day cards could upset ‘snowflakes’ who’ve been dumpedCredit: Alamy

The message read: “We’re just getting in touch to check whether or not you’d like to receive our Valentine’s Day emails.
“Whether it’s a tough time for you or you simply don’t celebrate it, feel free to opt out of our Valentine’s emails by clicking on the button below.”
But the high street chain, which has more than 1,000 UK stores, was ridiculed over the “virtue-signalling” stunt.
Stephen Brown, 40, from Preston, said: “The world’s gone mad if we need to warn people who have been dumped about Valentine’s Day cards.


“It just looks like another company virtue-signalling and caught up in woke nonsense. It takes a special kind of snowflake to be upset by a Valentine’s Day card.”
Author Katy Colins, 38, from Helmsley, North Yorks, added: “It’s pointless and unnecessary, and it detracts from when people need to opt out for real reasons.”
Other firms to offer opt-outs card retailers Funky Pigeon and Thortful, and craft marketplace Etsy.
Card Factory said: “Like many other companies, we offer our customers the choice of opting out of Valentine’s Day emails. For an array of different reasons, some occasions aren’t for everyone.”

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