RedxPharma signs cancer drug deal that could be worth $870m

Cancer drug development company Redx Pharma has signed a deal with an Irish pharmaceuticals group that could be worth up to $870m – and which one analyst called “potentially the most significant Redx deal to date”.
The deal will see Dublin’s Jazz Pharmaceuticals acquire Redx’s KRAS (Kirsten rat sarcoma virus) inhibitor program. Redx and Jazz hope future drugs made using their technology “may offer a treatment option for large segments of colorectal, pancreatic and lung cancer patients who currently have limited treatment options”. Alderley Park-based Redx Pharma is a biotech firm that aims to discover and develop new molecules and treatments for cancer and fibrotic diseases. Among its products is the selective ROCK2 inhibitor zelasudil, which is undergoing a trial for use in treatment for idiopathic pulmonary fibr …