Rare Kew Gardens 50p sells for £156 on eBay – do you have one in your change?

A RARE 50p coin has sold on eBay for just under £156, which makes it worth almost 312 times more than its face value after the sale.Amongst your regular change it might not stand out, but coin collectors can spot that this 50p’s unique design means its one of the highest in demand – and they’d too be willing to pay a hefty price for a copy.
2The rare coin is the most sought after because it’s scarceCredit: ebay
2Bidders managed to hike the price up to almost £156Credit: ebay
Often they’ll bid hundreds of pounds and it’s because it’s one of the most sought after according to both experts, The Royal Mint, and Change Checker.
The coin goes by the name “Kew Gardens 50p” from those in the collecting circuit.
On the reverse side it features an image of the Chinese pagoda that stands at the heart of the London attraction the coin is named after.
When the 50 pence piece was released in 2009, only 210,000 were minted – a fraction compared to more common 50ps.
Because of that factor, a bidding war broke out over the four days the listing for this copy was live, and as many as 14 offers were placed in that time.
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