Quality Street fans fuming after big change – and they’re saying the same thing

CUSTOMERS have questioned the quality control at Quality Street after finding unwrapped and damaged chocolate in their tubs this year.Several chocolate fans have taken to social media to complain about there being one or more “naked” sweets in amongst the wrapped ones in their selection.
2Quality Street fans are fuming after spotting naked sweets in tubs
2Fans of the chocolates have questioned the quality control
And when The Sun bought four tubs at random to test, we discovered three contained sweets which were either unwrapped or very poorly wrapped, or had blobs of unwrapped toffee material inside.
One Twitter user posted a picture of two unwrapped and one damage sweet from their selection, adding: “Damaged, unwrapped, dull. Forget Quality Street, more like Mediocre Street.”

Another shared an image of the inside of her Quality Street tub, with two unwrapped chocolates clearly visible.
She said: “Just opened a hygiene-sealed box of Quality Street to find unwrapped chocolates. There are no loose wrappers in the box (which would’ve raised a whole other set of questions). We must therefore assume they went into the box unwrapped.”

A similar image of a selection tub containing an unwrapped chocolate was shared by another user, who tweeted: “@QualityStreet errrmmm there was an unwrapped chocolate in my newly opened tub of quality street, not very quality is it”.
Quality Street announced earlier this year it was bringing in new recyclable packaging for its sweets, replacing the classic wrappers made from foil and colourful plastic film. 
The new packaging is being phased in slowly and the majority of tubs sold so far this year have featured the old wrapping style – including those being complained about.
But one customer did also notice a problem with the new wrappers, posting: “@NestleUKI whilst I support the move of quality street to paper wrappers, I don’t expect to find the choice partially unwrapped!”
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When The Sun tested four random tubs of Quality Street, all with the old wrappers, we found wrapping issues in three quarters of them.
One had some unwrapped and misshapen blobs of toffee in. Another had two completely unwrapped chocolates – a caramel swirl and an orange crunch.
The third contained several sweets that were very loosely or poorly wrapped, with the chocolates nearly falling out.
Nestle, the manufacturer of Quality Street, said it wrapped 250 sweets per minute and the very fast pace meant some were missed.
A spokesperson said: “The packing process is fast and highly automated. Any unwrapped sweets are usually detected and removed. However, very occasionally these can be included in the selection.”
Where the Nestle or Quality Street Twitter accounts had been tagged in posts complaining about wrappers, they replied saying: “That’s not good! Please message us the name of specific product, the best before date and surrounding codes from the pack, and we’ll get this looked into.”