Power blackouts are on the cards this winter due to an energy crunch

POWER blackouts are on the cards this winter thanks to an energy crunch, experts fear.The UK and Europe have the lowest stockpiles of gas in more than a decade.
1As the UK and the EU head into winter with the lowest stockpiles of gas in over a decade, experts warn we should expect power blackoutsCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Jeremy Weir, of trading giant Trafigura, said: “There’s a real concern if we have a cold winter we could have rolling blackouts in Europe.”
Prices have also spiked to record levels as supplies run short.
A delay to a controversial gas pipe between Russia and Germany, a flashpoint in the ongoing energy crisis, sent the cost of UK gas up again yesterday.
The ten per cent jump coincided with the failures of two more small British suppliers, Neon Reef and Social Energy Supply.
Russia has put Germany’s green light for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline at the heart of talks over supplies.
Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has supported the project.

Boris Johnson urges Europe to oppose it, saying it risks undermining stability.
There are fears of military action by Russia, which is building up forces near Ukraine.
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