People are just realising Wetherspoons has brought back much-loved drinks

WETHERSPOON has brought back much-loved drinks after being axed from menus.
The pub giant is once again serving Strongbow and Strongbow Dark Fruits to punters.


Punters can now get Strongbow and Strongbow Dark Fruits from WetherspoonCredit: Gary Stone

The fan favourites were axed from menus back in 2021 and replaced by Stowford Press Apple and Stowford Press Mixed Berries.
But shoppers are over the moon about the replacement and have taken their joy to social media.
One Strongbow fan posted on X (formally Twitter) and said: “I’ve just discovered that they have bought back Strongbow dark fruits at Wetherspoons and I’ve never been happier.”
Another fan posted on Facebook and said: “Wetherspoons has come to their senses – Strongbow is back – happy days.”

Punters have been able to get their hands on the cider since Wednesday, August 2.
But the rollout to each pub will vary from site to site but Spoons hopes to have all pubs stocking the drinks again by the end of the month.
Prices do tend to vary from pub to pub so it’s always best to check your local before paying.
The drinks are available to order from the app and at the bar.

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To find your nearest Wetherspoons head over to the website and use its handy locator tool.

Back in November 2021, the company signed a new 20-year deal with Budweiser Brewing Group to become its largest supplier.
In doing so it brought Wetherspoon’s partnership with Heineken to an end after 41 years – Strongbow is owned by Heineken.
John Smiths bitter was also replaced by Worthington’s bitter, supplied by brewer Molson Coors. 
Wetherspoons confirmed to The Sun that no other Heineken-owned brands which were also axed are set to come back currently.

The pub chain has recently revealed that customers will be able to enjoy a 7.5% discount at its 827 pubs – but on Thursday, September 14 only.
A large breakfast at Wetherspoon can cost up to £7.21 depending on where you live, but the discount means this would be £6.67, saving you 54p.
The price of beer varies across the country, but a point of Leffee Blonde can cost up to £6.85 in London.
This will be reduced to £6.16 on September 14.
The move is designed to highlight Tax Equality Day and the benefits of a permanently reduced tax bill for the pub industry.

Meanwhile, here is the full list of Wetherspoons pubs at risk of closing down.
Plus, people are only just realising why Wetherspoons prices are so cheap.