Parents just realising they can get up to £100 of free nappies

PARENTS are only just realising they could get up to £100 worth of free nappies.
Buying nappies and other baby items can be pretty pricey, especially if you have multiple children of the same age.


Parents are only just realising they could get up to £100 worth of free nappiesCredit: Getty – Contributor

With costs going up across the board it’s more important than ever to save where you can.
One savvy mum has shared a little-known way that parents can get money towards reusable nappies which can save them hundreds of pounds over their child’s life.
Posting on Facebook group Scrimping on a Budget, she wrote: “Lots of local councils either give a grant of £100 if you use cloth nappies or give new parents free cloth nappies to the value of.
“Using cloth saved me a fortune when my lad was small, and nurseries and childminders etc are more than happy to use them too nowadays.”

Fellow parents were quick to comment on the post which was met with dozens of likes and comments.
One asked: “Is it for first time parents?”
Another said: “I wish I’d done cloth nappies with mine! Must’ve cost much more in disposable ones overall and the thought of all those in landfill!”
A third wrote: “There’s no way I could have afforded disposable nappies with mine.

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“With the grants offered, nappy libraries and people giving away or selling nappies cheap and the fact you can resell them after or use for subsequent children the amount of money you can save is astonishing.”

Several were unaware of the schemes and wanted to know if their local council had anything similar.
The various schemes available differ from council to council across the UK which means what’s available in one are might not be available in another.
In some cases the council will offer up to £100 in free cash to encourage parents to buy reusable cloth nappies.
How the money is available also depends on the scheme, some will offer cashback upon purchase, some offer vouchers and some will provide you with a nappy starter kit.

Online parenting resource The Nappy Gurus has rounded up the full list of councils across the country which take part.
Welsh council Powys offers up to £100 cash, with a minimum of £50 per family, towards the cost of the cloth nappies.
Whereas Essex council will offer £30 cashback when you purchase reusable nappies.
North Aryshire in Scotland will give families a real nappy starter kit too.

And Belfast City Council offers a free two week nappy trial and £30 cashback when you spend £50 on the nappies.
Barnet council in London also offers a £70 voucher.
Each council has specific eligibility criteria as well as application process, it’s best to head over to your local council’s website to see how you can get yours and what exactly is available.
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