Parents have until the end of TODAY to get a letter to their kids from Santa

SANTA may be coming to town but you need to write to him today if you want him to deliver a personalised letter for your kids.Parents need to send a letter from their children to Father Christmas today if they want to secure a reply in time for the big day.
1Any letters written to Santa must be sent todayCredit: E+ – Getty
Children across the UK will be getting their present wish lists ready with just two weeks to go until Christmas.
But any letters written to Santa have to be sent today so he has time to reply by Christmas Eve.
Royal Mail, which helps Santa with his correspondence, has outlined what parents need to do to get Father Christmas to write back.
Kids can post their lists, pictures or questions to Santa/Father Christmas, Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland, XM4 5HQ.
Include your own full name and address in the letter so Father Christmas knows who to reply to.
You will need to pay for postage to send the letter, but you don’t need to include a return envelope and stamp inside as this is covered by Santa.
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Siblings can send the letter in the same envelope and will get individual replies.
It can take ten days to get a response as there’s a lot of demand anticipated and it is a busy time of year at Santa’s Grotto.
If you miss today’s deadline, there are other ways of getting a letter from Father Christmas.
Children’s charity NSPCC can also ask Santa to send a personalised letter in return for a donation – parents can give however much they can afford.
You need to order by December 14 to get a reply through the NSPCC.
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