‘Nostalgic’ homeware item makes a triumphant comeback for £16 at B&M

SHOPPERS are enjoying the return of a homeware item as its made its way back to shelves at B&M.
Fans of the iconic lava lamp – a hit in the 1960s- celebrated the nostalgic comeback as it retails for £16.


A retro homeware item is being sold at B&MCredit: Getty


Lava lamps are back in stock for £16Credit: Facebook


Lava lamps were a major hit in the 1960s and 1970sCredit: Getty

Comments went wild on Facebook after a shopper spotted the retro item back on the shelves at B&M.
“So nostalgic! Lava Lamp £16 at B&M,” the person wrote.
One customer pointed out there were other models available.
She commented: “They have the big floor standing ones too, I saw them yesterday.

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“They also had the electric ball lamps too that you touch and the electric follows your fingers.”
Others, however, warned fellow shoppers of buying lava lamps, saying: “Be careful. I bought one a few years ago and they get very hot.”

Lava lamps were invented by Edward Craven Walker in 1963 and became a cultural phenomenon during the 1960s and ’70s.
Its popularity soared as it became synonymous with the vibrant and experimental spirit of that era.

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The lamp’s fluid, organic movements appealed to the psychedelic aesthetic, making it a sought-after decorative item.
Over the years, variations in size, shape, and colour have kept the lava lamp relevant in contemporary design and nostalgia.

It comes after B&M shoppers also celebrated the return of an iconic 90s beauty essential as it’s back to shelves.
Fans of the Impulse O2 Lemon and Freesia body spray said they had never forgotten the smell as it retails for just £1.
The original fragrance first created in the 90s is back by popular demand in a throwback edition
The O2 scent is described as a fresh yet delicate feminine fragrance, opening with refreshing citrus, splashed with fresh green notes, enveloped by elegant jasmine and freesia and underscored by amber, musk and cedarwood.

Comments went wild on Facebook after a shopper spotted the retro body spray back on the shelves at B&M.
“Definitely getting some of these bad boys,” one user wrote.
Another commented: “Impulse has grown up!”
One shopper who purchased the O2 Impulse said: “I have it but it doesn’t smell how I remember it.
“It still smells lovely but is different.”
Mea …