Nationwide customers ‘mortified’ as payment glitch means ‘no Christmas cash’

NATIONWIDE customers are demanding compensation after a payment glitch left some without wages and others unable to pay at the till. Hundreds of people have been left unable to make or receive payments, leaving many customers who were expecting to be paid today out of pocket – and problems are still ongoing.
1Nationwide customers are fuming after a payment glitchCredit: Getty
Angry customers took to social media to complain to the building society, with many distraught that wages had not arrived with just days until Christmas.
One Twitter user said they had been left “holding up the checkout” in a shop and another said she’d been left “mortified” after her card was declined in store.
Others were concerned about missing important payments.
One customer tweeted: “I have mortgage payments and bills to pay. Who will foot the cost of the overdraft and penalties!”
Another said: “I’m waiting for money to transfer from my nationwide account to a different bank. If it doesn’t go in today, I’ll incur overdraft fees. If that happens, will you cover the fees?”
Customers complained that the building society had not kept them updated on its progress in fixing the issue.
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One said: “Not once have you offered an update. All you do is put a link up to a page that fobs people off. You can’t even give your customers an update or explanation.
“I think you should do the right thing and give you customers some kind of idea what is happening.”
Another customer tweeted: “It’s Christmas in 3 days and you can’t tell people when they will have their money. Absolute shambles!!”
The Sun has asked Nationwide whether customers will receive compensation because of the issues and we’ll update this story when we know more.
Banks typically offer customers compensation if they are affected by outages or payment issues, for example if they incur charges because a payment has not gone through.
But this depends on the situation and the bank may not be obliged to do this.
On social media, one user said: “Let’s talk about compensation for those waiting on money who’s got no food because of your company don’t worry I’ve complained that you’ …