‘Must stock up’ say Home Bargains fans who’ve bagged Body Shop items for 87% off

SHOPPERS are rushing to Home Bargains to bag bargains on legitimate Body Shop cosmetics.
The bargain discounter is selling the cosmetic chain’s Edelweiss Soothing Day Cream for just £3.99.


The Soothing Day Cream is only available in-store

For this price, customers get a 50ml tub that usually costs £30 if purchased directly from The Body Shop.
It comes after one Home Bargains fan posted about the find on Facebook.
Reacting to the news, one shopper said: “I buy this all the time. What a bargain I’ll be looking, thanks.”
Another said: “That is my fave moisturiser I will defo be looking out for this thanks for sharing.”

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“I’ve just bought a new one from The Body Shop and it was nearly £30! I’d be stocking up,” said a third fan of the cream.
This lightweight, daily cream has an air-whipped texture, leaving your skin feeling stronger, smoother and more luminous, according to The Body Shop.
It’s non-sticky and fast-absorbing, too.
The product is only available in-store for £3.99, but shoppers can’t bag it online as it isn’t stocked on the Home Bargains website.

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If you want to pop in-store, you can find your closest Home Bargains using the locator tool on its website.

All you need to do is type in your postcode, and all the stores nearest to your location will be listed.
But you should always have a quick shop around first as you might be able to find a similar product cheaper elsewhere.

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Always remember that prices vary by brand, size and retailer so it’s worth browsing elsewhere before you make a decision.
Use price comparison tools like Google Shopping to find similar products from other retailers and compare prices.

Shoppers last rushed to Home Bargains in September to get hold of a Body Shop dupe cleansing butter.
Fans called the skincare must-have a dupe of the Body Shop’s £12 Camomile Sumptuous Makeup Cleansing Butter.
But Home Bargain’s version cost just £1.99 for 100ml.
How can I save money when shopping at Home Bargains?
Home Bargains stocks plenty of everyday household products at already low prices, but every now and then it will slash costs with special “star buys” and limited-time sales.

Plus, the store has its own range of products that look strikingly familiar to rivals’ more pricey options.

That means bagging a Home Bargains dupe is a good way to make your wallet happy too.
But remember that it’s only a deal if you were planning on buying anyway.


You shouldn’t buy something just because it’s a bargain price, or discounted, otherwise, you might go over budget.
We’ve previously revealed the four items you should always buy at Home Bargains – and the two things to leave on the shelf.