McDonald’s to launch new burger in just DAYS in huge menu shake up

MCDONALD’S is adding a new burger to menus in just days – and it will go down a treat with spice fans.
The home of the Big Mac is launching a McSpicy with Frank’s RedHot sauce burger, available in restaurants from February 7.


McDonald’s is adding a new burger to menus on February 7

But foodies looking to snag the new addition will have to be fast as it’s only on menus for six weeks.
It comes after Maccie’s launched the McSpicy in July 2021, with the item becoming a fan favourite.
Thomas O’Neil, head of menu at McDonald’s UK and Ireland, said: “This collaboration with Frank’s RedHot gave us such an exciting opportunity to build on an already iconic product and create something genuinely spicy but also delicious.”
McDonald’s said the new McSpicy with Frank’s RedHot sauce burger is set to be the chain’s spiciest yet.

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The menu item will come with a chicken breast patty covered in a crispy coating, jalapenos, Frank’s RestHot Mayo, lettuce, Emmental cheese and onions, all wrapped in a toasted sesame seed bun.
The twist on the classic McSpicy will be available in all UK and Irish restaurants, at drive-thrus and via home delivery apps.
Foodies will pay £5.59 for just the burger and £7.29 as part of a meal.
It comes as McDonald’s gets set to launch two never-before-seen pink desserts and a fan-favourite burger on February 7.

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Among the new items are the KitKat Ruby Chocolate McFlurry and Raspberry and White Chocolate Pie.
Meanwhile, the beloved Big Tasty and the Big Tasty with bacon are both back.
The new items will also be on menus for a limited time only, until March 12, with a number of others making way.
The Steakhouse Stack burger, which fans have been begging to return since it was axed in March 2023, will be cut.

Plus, the Fajita Chicken wrap, which was first introduced to menus in January 2020, will be dropped from mensu.
And the Cheesy Garlic Bites are bidding farewell, as well as the Cadbury McFlurrys.
You can read the full list of departing items here.
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