McDonald’s menu favourites are only 99p this week – see the full list

MCDONALD’S fans can cash-in on menu favourites for just 99p all week long.The fast food giant is launching a deal from tomorrow that sees some staple menu items reduced to under a pound.
1McDonald’s fans can get their favourite menu items for just 99p from tomorrowCredit: AFP or licensors
The burger joint is no stranger to a bargain, and often reduces its top sellers for a limited time.
It was only last Monday that fans could get a quarter pounder with cheese for just 99p.
But this time around, foodies will be able to order discounted snacks for the entire week, and the week beyond that.
It means popular items like chicken nuggets, usually £3.79 for six, are slashed to just 99p, as well as the McChicken sandwich, normally the same price as the nuggets, but only 99p in the offer, a £2.60 difference.
Plus the classic triple cheeseburger is slashed to 99p, down from its normal £2.29 savings customers £1.30, plus more.
But not all of the tasty treats are discounted to 99p though, as the last day of offers sees the popular chicken selects reduced to just £1.49, down from their regular £4.09 – a £2.60 saving.
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It begins on February 14 – but there’s no romance involved in the offer.
Instead, McDonald’s is launching a new ad campaign that comes with prizes for fans.
It plans on using the upcoming competition to entice fast-food lovers to check out the 99p offers that run for the two weeks.
It officially ends on February 20 with each promotion ending at 23.59pm every day, so you’ll have to be quick and have your fill by then to avoid missing out.
The promo is called My McDonald’s Stories, encouraging users to upload their own tales of how they enjoy the fast-food treat.
They’ll be prompted to write their own story before they’re rewarded with the 99p offer of the day.
You can only use each daily deal one time though, so on a particularly hungry day you couldn’t keep cashing-in on 99p burgers or more.
You also have to place your order placed through the app – and that’s where you fill out the competition entry too.
The My McDonald’s app is free to download on the App store and Google Play store, and often pops up with deals and discounts fan can cash-in on.
You’ll be able to order on the app, apply the discount via the deals page (it’ll pop up automatically), and pick up via Drive-thru, click and serve, takeaway or in restaurant.
Full list of offers each day until February 20

99p Triple cheeseburger, usually around £2.29 – save: £1.30
99p Quarter pounder with cheese, usually around £3.79 – save: £2.80
99p Filet-o-fish, usually around £3.79 – save: £2.80
99p Veg Deluxe, usually around £3.79 – save: £2.80
99p McChicken Sandwich, usually around £3.79 – save: £2.8 …