McDonald’s launches new range of very unusual products – and fans are ‘obsessed’

MCDONALD’S has launched a new range of bizarre products – and fast food fanatics are going wild.
The chain whipped the internet into a frenzy when it announced it would be releasing its own line of beauty products.


McDonald’s has launched a new range of beauty products that are inspired by its mealsCredit: NAIL.INC


The products are nail kits, including a nail varnish in the shade ‘burger brown’Credit: NAIL.INC

It has teamed up with beauty brand Nails.INC to create a range of nail products inspired by some McDonald’s classics.
There are different sets up for grabs and one features the same bright red shade associated with the much-loved brand.
And there are also nail stickers with pictures of burgers and fries and the option to have a French manicure with a French fry twist. 
The nail kits are available to order online on the Nails.INC London website.

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You can bag the fries inspired set on the website for just £8.99.
The vegan and cruelty-free nail polish shades include Big Mac Please, in “burger brown,” and Gotta Ketchup in red.
There’s also a French fries inspired French manicure option for £6.99 called the “i speak french press on nails set.”
It includes 30 medium almond nails in a nude shade, some with fries on them and some without.

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For a more low-key manicure the gold hearts topper polish is also an option with shimmering gold hearts that can be applied on top of colour.

The limited-edition collection has already make waves online and taken the beauty world by storm.

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One person loved the collection writing: “Need these”, and another agreed saying: “I definitely wanna try these.”
“Omggggg! The little soda cup stickers! I’m obsessed”, offered a third.
But a fourth disagreed and added: “How ridiculous. If only it were April Fools.”

How to save money at McDonald’s

You might not think it, but you can end up being charged more solely based on the McDonald’s restaurant you choose.
Research by The Sun found a Big Mac meal can be up to 30p cheaper at restaurants just two miles apart from each other.
Make sure you check out all the various apps and platforms if you’re ordering McDonald’s to your home too.
Our research found some can charge up to £1.20 more than others.


There’s also nail sticker sets featuring fries, burgers and drinksCredit: NAIL.INC


There is also a French Fry inspired nail setCredit: NAIL.INC