McDonald’s fans left fuming over menu item suddenly gone from menus

MCDONALD’S fans have been left fuming after a popular item has suddenly disappeared from menus.
The fast-food chain has dropped its double chocolate pie from its UK offering.


Maccies fans have been left fuming after a popular menu item axedCredit: McDonald’s UK

The sweet treat was introduced to menus back in June and has quickly become a fan favourite.
It’s made up of a chocolate crust and stuffed with chocolate sauce and is a choc twist on the iconic apple pie.
The snack was only ever meant to stick around for a set period until September 5, or until stocks lasted.
Unfortunately for those with a sweet tooth it looks like that time has come.

One Maccies fan took to social media and said: “Please make double chocolate pies permanent.”
While another wrote: “Bring back chocolate pies.”
A third posted: “Where’s the chocolate pies gone am fuming with yas.”
And a fourth commented: “Why not just keep the chocolate pie forever?”

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Other echoed the calls to make the item a fixed addition.
Another wrote: “I’m loving the new chocolate fried pie, absolutely amazing, please don’t ever stop serving them, super super delicious.”
And another said: “The only reward I want is permanent double chocolate pie.”

Availability of the pie may depend on where you are as stock varies by location.
You can find your closest McDonald’s using the restaurant locator tool on the website.
We tried the chocolate treat when it was first launched and rated it a three out of five.
It’s not the first time fans have called on Maccies to make a special menu item permanent.

Back in May diners were fuming that the garlic mayo and mega hot sauce dipping sauces were being axed after a limited stint.
The pie was one of the first additions to the Maccies summer menu which also included the much-anticipated Biscoff McFlurry and all-new Mozzarella bites.
Both of these items have since been removed from the menu and replaced for the second round of additions.
Also leaving menus by September 5 is the Caesar and Bacon wrap.
The fast food giant is famous for shaking up its menu, usually every six weeks or so.

Currently available at all restaurants nationwide is the summer menu, but it’s only around until September 12.
It includes the new McCrispy Deluxe, the BBQ Quarter Pounder Cheese and the BBQ Double Quarter Pounder Cheese.
Also among those returning were the Cheesy Garlic Bites, Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry and the Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry.
Fans will have to be quick as both the new and returning items are only around for six weeks.

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