Martin Lewis reveals trick for getting £50 FREE from energy supplier

MARTIN Lewis has revealed a trick for getting a “very sweet” FREE £50 from a major energy supplier.
The Money Saving Expert is urging energy customers to get their hands on the free cash – check if you are able to claim.


Martin Lewis revealed how to earn free cash with your energy supplierCredit: ITV

With the cost of living looming upon us, millions of British households could bag free cash to spend this winter.
Martin Lewis shared an easy tip to all Shell Energy and Octopus Energy customers on his BBC Sounds podcast.
Martin said: “This is important if your a Shell Energy customer or perhaps an Octopus energy customer.
“Shell energy is going to be transferred to Octopus, so all Shell customers are going to be Octopus customers.


“And they all going to be on Octopus tariffs, that is something that is happening.”
Octopus Energy recently announced that it was buying Shell Energy and Shell Broadband.
Over 1.4 million energy customers and 500,000 broadband users will be moved to the new supplier.
Although there shouldn’t be any disruption to your contract when transferred, customers have the chance to claim free cash before moving to Octopus.

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Martin said: “You may or may not be aware Octopus has a refer a friend scheme.
“What this means is Octopus customers if they refer another customer from another firm they can get £50, and the customer form the other firm gets £50 when they join.
“All Shell customers are automatically going to be Octopus customers anyway.
“So if you were planning to do anything and you are a Shell energy customer and you know anyone who is on Octopus ask them to refer you and move early.”

As the move will not affect your tariffs, Martin is urging users to get the extra spare money with the change.
“It makes no difference to what will happen to you – except you will get £50 and they will get £50.
“And if you are an Octopus energy customer why not put a message out to your friends.
“And you make a little bit of cash from your big energy company very sweetly,” he added.

If you are an Octopus customer all you have to do is log into your account and scroll down until you see a “refer a friend” code.
You can then copy the code and paste it into a text or email and send it to your friends.
According to Octopus Energy, you will both receive £50 credit to y …