Martin Lewis issues three energy bill tips to help households with rising costs

MARTIN Lewis has issued three urgent tips on energy bills, aimed at helping households facing rocketing costs in just a few weeks time.The money saving expert took to TikTok to share the most important things households need to know about upcoming energy price rises.
1Martin Lewis shared three urgent energy bill tips on TikTok
On April 1 the energy price cap is rising, adding hundreds to Brits’ energy bills.
The current price cap of £1,277 will go up to £1,971 – an increase of nearly £700.
Martin’s latest social upload comes after he explained just why your energy bill is likely to look like more than the price cap too.
The money mogul wanted to ease energy customers’ confusion over all the bills being hiked in the springtime and how they could curb costs in any way as well.
Martin condensed his quick fire tips into a three minute video shared to his TikTok following.
The video attracted the attention of over a million viewers.
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He broke his tips down into three sections; for prepay users, for direct debit users, and how to get the £150 council tax rebate.
For prepay users
Martin’s first tip in the TikTok video was aimed at prepay customers.
The tip highlights how you can make your top-up go further, even when costs are hiked on April 1.
Martin said: “Ofgem has confirmed you get the rate on the day you top up not when you use energy.
“Now that means if you max out your top up in March before the rate goes up, that’s what you’ll get even if you then use that energy in April.”
He went on to explain that it means you can extend the cheap rate you have now, for longer.
It means you have to max out your top up this side of the month, but he warned you should only do so if you can afford it.
For Direct Debit users
It’s not the same for Direct Debit customers though.
Instead the savings guru advised you do a meter reading TODAY.
He also said you should make a note in your diary to do a meter reading on March 31.
Martin said: “You’ll draw a line and tell the energy company, all this energy I’ve used should be at the cheap rate.”
He hoped the tip would help customers clear away any blurred lines between when prices go up and what they’re paying now, so they don’t have to fork out for more than they should have to.
How to get the £150 council tax rebate
Martin’s final tip in the short clip focussed on the £150 council tax rebate that’s being introduced next month.
He said: “All those in bands A to D council tax will get a £150 rebate to help with energy costs.
“Well for the scheme, we’re being told you will get the money automatically paid into your bank account, as long as you pay council tax by direct debit.”
If you don’t do that already there’s still time to set it up but you have to get in touch with your local council.
You won’t have to pay the money back from this reb …