Lidl and B&Q have accidentally been selling plants worth up to £4,000 for £10

SUPERMARKETS have been selling cheap houseplants but some rare specimens can be flogged for thousands of pounds online.Houseplants are all the rage and you can pick them up from your local supermarket or DIY store, such as Lidl or B&Q, for as little as a tenner.
1Keep your eye out for rare versions of common houseplants next time you’re at the shop
But shops could be accidentally selling rare versions of common plants without knowing it.
They could even be discounted if the unusual markings are mistaken for damage or disease.
If you’re clued up on what to look out for you could get a plant worth thousands of pounds, the Mirror reported.
You’re not guaranteed to find a gem among the standard plants on offer at your local shop.
And even if you do, you won’t definitely be able to sell it on.
Bear in mind that just because something is listed at a certain price online, that doesn’t mean it is guaranteed to sell at that price.
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These are the rarities you should keep a look out for next time you’re browsing at the supermarket or DIY store.
Variegated Monstera Deliciosa – £970
The Monstera Deliciosa is extremely popular and is better known by it’s other name, the Swiss cheese plant, due to the holes in its leaves.
You can pick up a standard version for as little as £12 at B&Q.
But a variegated version, with white markings and leaves, has a much higher price tag.
We spotted a large plant that sold on eBay for £970 this month.
Variegated Monstera Adansonii – £1,400
The Monstera Adansonii is another Swiss cheese plant that you might have spotted in your Instagram feed.
Again, the common version is inexpensive, which explains its popularity.
But if you can find one that’s got those unusual white markings, it could fetch thousands of pounds.
For example, one was sold on eBay before Christmas for £1,400.
Philodendron White Princess or White Knight – £370
Philodendron White Princess and White Knight varieties are particularly rare versions of the South American plant.
If you can spot one with variegated leaves, it could be a money maker – one was sold for £370 on eBay last year.
Just because they’re listed at that amount doesn’t mean they’ll sell for thousands.
Pink Princess Philodendron – £106
The Pink Princess Philodendron is highly-sought out because of it’s brightly coloured leaves.
Keep your eye out for flashes of pink next time you’re at the garden centre.
They have dark green, heart-shaped leaves with a bubblegum pink variegation.
They can be expensive to buy – for example, a fully pink leaf sold at auction on eBay for £106.
Monstera Obliqua – £110
Monstera Obliqua’s are similar to the other Swiss cheese plants on the list, with one key difference.
The holes in an Obliqua are much bigger than the other versions, and actually take up most of the leaf.
One recently sold on eBay for £110.
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