Latest National Lottery numbers as Lotto returns with £2m jackpot TONIGHT

I won the lottery TWICE in five monthsJames Courtemanche, 43, from Ontario, can’t believe his luck after scooping over £110,000 in cash from two tickets bought the Minnow Lake Kwik Way in Sudbury, Canada.
He was left gobsmacked to score a sweet $88,888 (£51,883) in 2021 – only to win a second sum totalling $100,000 (£58,369) this year.
James said: “I couldn’t believe it happened again.
“I was so surprised – and then I remembered good things happen in threes, so I’m ready for my next one.”
James bought an Instant Wild 8 ticket from his local store before heading home and making the life-changing discovery.
He couldn’t believe his own luck, but confirmed the prize by checking the ticket o …