Job vacancies that require no degrees soar by 90 per cent over past year

THE number of job vacancies that require no degrees has soared by 90 per cent in a year.
Three in four bosses are hiring based on abilities and potential rather than whether an applicant has been to uni.


Three in four bosses are now hiring based on abilities and potential over applicants having been to universityCredit: Getty

Firms are able to interview up to ten times as many hopefuls by dropping the requirement.
Kellogg’s and IBM are among firms to ditch the need for a university education in certain roles.
Cereal giant Kellogg’s previously said the move would help it become more inclusive.
Last year the firm had a trial of hiring sales staff without degrees.

It proved so successful that it startd being rolled out across the business.

Chris Silcock, Kellogg’s UK boss, said: “We hope more people from different backgrounds will consider Kellogg as somewhere for their career, not just those who went to university.”
Networking platform LinkedIn said recruiters are now five times more likely to search for specific skills over degrees.
More than three in four workers agree that learning new skills, and not gaining qualifications, is the key to career success.

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LinkedIn UK managing director Josh Graff said: “A degree is not the only indicator of talent and businesses are increasingly recognising that.”