Jaffa Cakes, Hobnobs and Penguins could rise in price McVities boss warns

THE price of your favourite biscuits could be about to rise as the cost of living spirals.Jaffa Cakes, Hobnobs and Penguins are the latest cost which could shoot up, a biscuit boss has warned.
1Jaffa cake fans could soon pay more for the biscuitCredit: Alamy
David Murray of Pladis Global, the maker of McVities biscuits, said the combination of coronavirus, rising costs for businesses, as well as staff shortages would lead to higher prices.
Mr Murray told the Daily Mail he’d “never seen a combination of challenges like this at the same time”.
“At the end of the day, like in many other categories, it will flow through to higher prices,” he said.
The company, which also makes Rich Tea biscuits and Jacobs crackers, is in talks with supermarkets over prices, Mr Murray told the newspaper.
He could not say exactly how much biscuit bills could go up by, but that it could be “numbers like” the current inflation rate of 5.1%.
Inflation is a measure of how much the prices of goods and services have changed over time
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The rate went higher than 5% last month – months earlier than expected.
You can buy chocolate Hobnobs for £1. A rise of 5% would add 5p to the cost of a 262g packet.
A pack of 20 Jaffa Cakes and Penguins containing eight bars, which you can also buy for £1 each, would go up by the same amount.
Rising wholesale gas prices, Brexit, Covid, shipping delays and a shortage of lorry drivers are just some of the factors being blamed for price rises.
Experts have predicted that rising inflation could add £180 to family food bills next year.
The boss of Heinz warned that prices of its products will rise, including ketchup and baked beans.
Groceries are not the only bill on the rise either, as millions of Brits are now paying more for fuel and energy.
Prices at the pumps hit a record 147.72p a litre last month, but have now fallen slightly to 147.28p.
And the cost of living crisis across the board could add as much as £1,700 to household bills.
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