Inside Britain’s ‘crypto village’ where pub staff are paid in virtual coins

WHILE many of us will be splurging in the January sales, these villagers won’t be splashing their cash on ‘frivolous’ items – they’d rather stash it away in virtual savings online.As many as 60 people in Winchmore Hill, Amersham, are investing in cryptocurrency with the hope that it earns them a small fortune.
6Pub owner Peter (left), alongside Callum, Jacob and Lauren, have all invested in cryptocurrenciesCredit: Supplied
6Jade Darby hopes to renovate horse stables with the money she could make from KodaCredit: Peter Gilbert
Peter Gilbert, 46, who owns The Potters Arms pub, has advised many of them to put money into Koda, which he believes will help young and old get rich.
He was attracted to Koda because of the potential for “high-interest rates” that he claims will be better than the “crappy bank accounts that offer up to four per cent – if you’re lucky”.
Peter’s been giving each of his 25 to 30 members of staff ‘gifts’ in the cryptocurrency as a reward for their hard work, to incentivise them to stay and to offer youngsters a “nest egg” for the future.
He claims to have made “tens of thousands” through the online currency and is adamant the “future is crypto”.
But with all investments, there is a risk.
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) explained in a statement to The Sun that they “regularly warn” people against “investing in crypto assets”.
Nonetheless, Peter’s adamant that Koda will continue to rise in value because he claims to have “very good form” with investments.
He told The Sun: “I can smell money from a mile away and this stinks of it more than anything I’ve experienced in my whole life. 
“I’ …