I’m a coin expert…you could have HUNDREDS in holiday change thanks to rare Euros

HOLIDAYMAKERS should check their leftover change as extremely rare euros could be worth hundreds, a coin expert has said.Self-named “enthusiastic coin collector” Matteo Corona shares videos of his coin collection with his TikTok followers often, but his latest video may have some viewers cashing in.
6The video revealed some hidden gems you could have lying about your homeCredit: Tiktok – @numismatics360
Matteo’s Tiktok revealed the “rarest and most expensive” euro coins today, with one worth up to almost £5000.
The first lucrative 2 euro coin was issued in 2006 to mark 500 years of the Swiss Guard, the Vatican’s armed forces.
The silver coin, featuring a member of the Swiss Guard and the phrase “Guardia svizzera pontificia” sells on Ebay for £239.
The second coin was also issued by The Vatican, in 2005, to mark 20 years of World Youth Day in Cologne, Italy.

The shiny coin, reading “XX Giornata mondiale della gioventù”, features an engraving of the Cathedral of Cologne, with a comet passing by.
The Cathedral’s spires extend into the coin’s outer ring, and 12 stars are in a semicircle along the upper part of the outer ring.
The rare coin can fetch up to £276 on reselling sites for rare collectibles.
The last, and most valuable coin, can earn you pocket change of up to £5000.
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The commemorative 2 euro coin of Grace Kelly of Monaco, released in 2007, features a gorgeous side profile of the late princess.
The coin was issued to commemorate 25 years after her tragic death, and initially sold for only £105.
Only 20,001 of the coins were made, with one special coin presented to Prince Albert II of Monaco, Grace Kelly’s son.
Matteo’s followers were wowed by the video, and many were unaware the coins were worth anything.
One user said: “The fact that I found the 4500 coin but I threw it on the ground…”
Others said they had seen coins go for as much as £27,000 – much more than the coins Matteo displayed in the video.
One user lamented: “I had the number one coin. I didn’t know it was worth anything!”
One thing is for sure – if you have these rare coins lying about, pocket change for your next holiday is a worry of the past!
6The coins are worth much more if they come with the original casing or envelopeCredit: EBay
6The coins can fetch up to £5000 on reselling sites like EbayCredit: EBay
6Ranking number three in value was the 500th Anniversary of the Swiss Guard euroCredit: Tiktok – @numismatics360
6Number two was the 20th Anniversary Euro for World Youth Day in CologneCredit: Tiktok – @numismatics360
6The number one most rare coin was Princess Grace of Monaco’s 25th Death Anniversary coinCredit: Tiktok – @numismatics360