I’m a coin expert – the five most valuable Olympic 50ps in your change

A COIN expert has revealed the five most valuable Olympic 50ps – and one could sell for up to 30 times its face value.
Rare coins and bank notes can fetch for hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds.


A coin expert has revealed the 50ps worth up to 30 times their face valueCredit: @thecoincollector

So it’s well worth digging around your spare change to see if you’ve got any hiding away.
Some 50ps have sold for over £200 and an “error” 2p went for hundreds of pounds.
But some rare coins come as part of a set, and have been known to sell for multiple times their face value.
Almost 30 rare 50p pieces were put into circulation in 2011 to commemorate the 2012 London Olympics.

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Some have been known to sell for a pretty penny too.
In one recent video, TikTok user @thecoincollectoruk revealed the top five most valuable, and how much you can make for each one.
In fifth is the Olympic Tennis 50p – 1,454,000 were minted and they’re worth £3 to £4.
The fourth is the Olympic Triathlon – that has a mintage of 1,163,000 and has been known to sell for between £9 to £10.

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In third is the Olympic Judo which has sold for £10 in the past, with 1,161,500 put into general circulation.

The second rarest is the Olympic Wrestling 50p piece – only 1,129,500 entered circulation in 2011 which has seen it sell for up to £8.
Lastly is the Football Olympic coin, which can sell for up to £15. Only 1,125,500 of these were minted in 2011.
Of course, bear in mind that a coin is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
You might not always get the same amount as stated by coincollectoruk.

That said, you might be able to get more.
For example, we’ve seen the Football 50p Olympic piece go for as much as £18 in the past.
How to spot a rare coin
Rare coins come in all shapes and sizes and what defines them as rare varies from piece-to-piece.
In most cases, a coin is considered rare if it has a low mintage figure – this is how many are created and put into general circulation.
For example, if a coin has a mintage figure of 1,000,000 and another has a figure of 1,100,000, the higher figure is the least rare.

Generally, the rarer a coin is the more you are likely to get for it when it comes to selling, although this isn’t always the case.
You can find out a coin’s mintage figure by going on The Royal Mint’s website.
Some other coins are considered rare if a manufacturing error occurred when they were made.
But there’s usually a lot less of these types …