I’m a coin expert – exact date on rarest alphabet 10p worth 200 times face value

A COIN expert has revealed the exact date and letter to look for on an alphabet 10p worth up to 200 times its face value.
Rare coins and bank notes can fetch hundreds of pounds so are well worth cashing in if you’ve got one.


A coin expert has revealed which alphabet 10p to look out for

But there’s so many different pieces it can all get a bit confusing.
However, one coin expert has revealed what specific type of alphabet 10p to keep eagle-eyed for and earn yourself some serious money.
The pieces were struck and released into general circulation in 2018 and 2019 – 26 coins were produced each year.
But one in particular has been known to sell for up to £20 – 200 times its face value.

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In a recent video to his nearly 400,000 followers, TikTok user UKCoinHunt revealed that the A and B coins from both years are the rarest and most valuable.

But the one in particular to look out for is the 2019 A piece.
He explained how less of the 2019 pieces were struck and put into circulation so can sell for more than the 2018 coins.
He said: ” The 2019 A is the rarest, well not the rarest, but the most expensive at around £20 just for a 10p coin, which is mental.

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“Obviously these are what you want to look for in your change. They are very very hard to come across.
“But you never know you might get one. But just keep hold of it.”
How to check if a coin is valuable
In most cases, a coin will be valuable if it has a low mintage figure – this is the amount that were struck and put into circulation.

So the lower the mintage figure the more rare it is and the more you should be able to sell it for in auction on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.
But this isn’t always the case and some coins have been known to sell for more than others despite mo …