I work at ‘UK’s cheapest supermarket’ where £5 will get you a WEEK’S food

WORKERS at the “UK’s cheapest supermarket” where £5 gets you a week’s food say they are helping “soften the burden” for Christmas.
Many households are looking for clever ways to save money as rising bills and the general cost of living has left many people struggling.


Canley Community Centre helps those struggling “soften the burden” for Christmas


Customers can pick up £20 groceries for £5

The run-up to Christmas can be a particular testing time for those trying to fork out for presents while purse strings are tight.
That’s why Canley Community Centre in Coventry hold a social supermarket every Friday from 12 to 1pm to bring some festive cheer to customers.
People pay just £5 a week for £20 worth of shopping in an absolute bargain.
The cost-saving supermarket was built during lockdown after people in the community were going hungry due to being made redundant.

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Julie Hughes, food coordinator at the centre, said that they feed 130 to 140 households on a weekly basis, reports CoventryLive.
And volunteer Alan Goodall, 71, said: ”A lot of people are in need these days with the cost of living crisis, so having this here really does help to soften the burden.”
One person who uses the service regularly is Tony, who was made redundant but says that the supermarket is his “lifeline”.
He said: ”I got a job, got made redundant and now I have no income, it’s been very difficult finding work.

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“This place is excellent as it offers a service you wouldn’t normally get.”
Meanwhile Pete said that he and his wife would not be able to do both their shopping and pay their bills without the supermarket.
He added: ”It’s a big help, as we are struggling with bills, we are not in debt but need food.”
“At the centre, many volunteers have been through their own challenges but now want to give back to people in the community who are struggling.”

Another customer called Tony, said that he would rather go without food himself so he could feed his children.
Queueing outside the supermarket he said: “It’s not for me, it’s for my kids, I would rather my kids have something to eat and I go without, it doesn’t bother me.”
There’s also other ways shoppers can get food and cupboard staples at a discounted price for Christmas.
With the big day fast approaching, some households have saved big bucks by shopping mainly in charity shops and pre-loved marketplaces.

Your Local Pantry is a social supermarket that sells surplus food from major supermarkets at a discounted price.
A social supermarket gives people struggling with paying for food and other essentials and on a low income the chance to do their weekly shop at a much lower price.
These products may no longer be able to be sold at their original store but are still more than safe to eat.
There are more than 80 Your Local Pantry’s across the UK including in Edinburgh, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, the West Midlands and South Wales.

Shoppers could save around £780-a-year by shopping at a Your Local Pantry.
You’ll need to be a member to be able to shop there and you can apply online via yourlocalpantry.co.uk.
Items include fresh fruit and veg, cupboard staples, dairy items and then bakery products.
A loaf of Kingsmill medium bread from Sainsbury’s would cost you £1.30 while a tin of beans could cost you £1.40 from Tesco.

That’s only two items and you’re already at £2.70 so you’re saving a lot by using the pantry.
You’ll need to live near one of the pantries to be able to join – you can find your local one on the same link above.

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From there, you’ll fill in an application form which will be reviewed.
You’ll then be told if you have been successful.


Customers also have the choice of other items than just food