I won £1.9m lottery jackpot but then my husband threw away our ticket

A LUCKY lotto winner has told how she had to pull her winning ticket out of the bin after her husband threw it away.
Richard and Dione Buss bought a weekly ticket covering both the Wednesday and Saturday draws while on holiday in Cornwall.


Dione and Richard Buss scooped the £1.8m National Lottery jackpot winCredit: PA:Press Association

The pair had bought the winning ticket worth a whopping £1.9million while on holidays back in 2013.
But after the draw drew a blank Richard, then 48, put the ticket in the waste paper pile and thought nothing more of it.
It was only rescued when Dione had a last-minute “niggling feeling” and retrieved the slip – which perfectly matched the Saturday draw numbers.
But the delighted couple were unable to confirm their win for 12 hours because the Camelot office was closed – and Dione kept her mind busy by ironing through the night.

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When they were finally able to officially confirm their winning amount, of £1,888,630, the pair said they were “dumbfounded”.
Dione explained: “We buy a weekly ticket for the two draws, on a Wednesday and a Saturday.
“Richard had already put the ticket on the recycling pile after the first draw, forgetting we still had Saturday to go.
“I dread to think what had happened if it had just been recycled, we very nearly lost all that money.

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“Thankfully I had a niggling feeling and checked the ticket and saw that it still had that final draw on it that we hadn’t checked.
“When we realised we’d won and the amount we’d won it was absolutely unbelievable.”
After their big win the couple and their daughter Harriet had big plans on how they would spend their money.
Diona, who suffers from MS, wished to fundraise for for a hospital unit at Frenchay Hospital, Bristol.

The couple bought the ticket while on holiday with their parents, and daughter Harriet while on holiday in St Ives, Cornwall, at the end of September.
The Wednesday draw passed while they were away and Dione tossed the ticket into the recycling pile when they returned home to Stogursey, Somerset.
But the following night – September 28 – they hit the jackpot and did not realise they had won until the following day when Dione retrieved the ticket.
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