‘I lived on these’ scream fans as Kellogg’s brings back ‘lush’ Corn Flakes

KELLOGG’S fans are going wild after the manufacturer revealed much-loved cereal was returning to supermarket shelves.
The cereal brand exclusively revealed to The Sun that it is bringing back chocolate Corn Flakes after 11 years.


Kellogg’s has announced the return of chocolate Corn Flakes after 11 years

The cereal was axed in 2013 much to the shock of fans who described them as “lush” and “the best Corn Flakes”.
However, after undergoing a bit of a change, the breakfast favourite is now on its way back.
Kellogg’s new chocolate Corn Flakes contain the same traditional flakes but coated with cocoa to create a crunchy texture with a chocolatey twist.
This is different from the previous chocolate Corn Flakes, which were coated in chocolate, rather than cocoa.


Since the news broke, foodies have been buzzing on social media.
One Facebook user said: “Omg I remember these for years ago!”
A second wrote: “I used to love these when I was younger.”
Another added: “I’m going to be running to the shops next week.”

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And a fourth cried: “Yesss mate!!! Stocking up the cupboard.”
While another said: “I used to love on these! I hope they taste the same.”
The Sun had an exclusive taste test of the new chocolate Corn Flakes, and we found them to be crunchy, chocolatey and delicious.
The cereal will be available in Tesco stores across the country from next week, with a recommended retail price of £3.29 for 450g box.
For comparison, a regular 500g box of cornflakes costs around £2.25 at Tesco.

The product will be available exclusively at Tesco, but there are plans to roll it out to more retailers at a later date.
Corn Flakes were first introduced in 1922, and since then, more than six billion packets have been produced in the UK.
Elsewhere, McDonald’s is bringing back an iconic menu favourite after fans begged for its return.


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