I found rare £100k Walkers crisp but missed out on cash for a devastating reason

A MUM missed out on £100k payday after discovering a super rare ‘double-heart’ shaped crisp.
Lisa Preston, 41, thought she had bagged the eye-watering sum promised by Walkers to any customer who found a heart-shaped crisp in their packet.


A mum missed out on a £100k payday after discovering a super rare ‘double-heart’ shaped crisp


Mum-of-one Lisa found the golden ticket chip over the weekend – but was in for some disappointing news when claiming her cash prize

But she has been left feeling “a bit salty” after learning that they binned off the competition last year.
Mum-of-one Lisa found the golden ticket chip over the weekend after picking up a Walkers multi-pack from her local Asda in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.
The chicken-flavoured crisp is not just shaped like a heart but even features the outline of a second heart inside it.
Make-up artist Lisa told The Sun: “I had entered the competition before so as soon as I saw it I thought that has to be a winner.


“Most of the entrants are just one heart but mine is a heart inside a heart.
“I need a new garden and could do with a holiday so it couldn’t have come at a better time.”
Last year Walkers asked customers to submit pictures of their heart-shaped crisps – with a panel awarding lucky winners £100k.
But the competition closed on April 4 last year.

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Lisa joked: “I’ve not got a chip on my shoulder – but I’m definitely feeling a bit salty about it.

“This is miles better than any of the other entrants I’ve seen.”
She has since stored the crisp away in a Tuppaware box in the slim hope that Walkers can bend the rules for her.
Lisa said: “If there’s any justice in the world, Walkers will come back to me and make an exception.”
Walkers has been approached for comment.

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