I dined at UK’s poshest Greggs… I nearly spat out my food when I saw the price

I LAST enjoyed a Greggs sausage roll after sinking one too many pints on a night out in Newcastle’s rowdy Bigg Market.
But today I’m rubbing shoulders with the upper crust and sipping Prosecco as I tuck into the same fare in the northern city’s poshest department store, Fenwick.


Victoria Williams enjoyed a Greggs with a difference at the chain’s posh new dinerCredit: NNP


She was served a Greggs sausage roll from a silver clocheCredit: NNP

Like the other diners I am dressed to the nines, while a waiter wearing a crisp white shirt and smart blue tie lifts a silver dish with a flourish.
Beneath the elegant cloche is a Greggs sausage roll, sliced in half, accompanied by pickled carrots, cauliflower and cucumber.
Beside my table hangs a ‘unique artwork’ depicting the very same baked good, while to my side is a golden bell and a sign which reads: “Press for sausage rolls.”
As instructed, I ring it a few times to see what happens. No one comes.


I am slightly crestfallen, but decide to overlook the disappointment.
Instead of eating a sausage roll while standing on a street corner in the drizzle while men shout “Cheer up, love,” I am sitting at a beautifully set table while an instrumental cover of Robbie Williams’ Angels plays in the background.
Welcome to Bistro Greggs, a new restaurant which has popped up to serve iconic baked goods with a fancy twist.
But has the Geordie fast-food giant bitten off more than it can chew by transforming its down-to-earth pastries into posh nosh? I am here to find out.

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The diner in Fenwick even has a bell to summon sausage rollsCredit: NNP


Its classic dish is served with fancy accompanimentsCredit: NNP

I am shown to my table by a charming waiter with a swagger and mischievous glint in his eye who immediately brings me a menu and takes my drinks order.

I am taken aback by the number and variety o …