Homebuilders face new rules over driveways as pavements could be BANNED

HOMEBUILDERS face new rules over their own driveways – as paving could be banned.The Government is looking at new rules that could mean homebuilders must have sustainable drainage as part of a plan to tackle river pollution and clean up waterways.
1Homebuilders could face new rules on driveways including a ban on pavingCredit: Getty
This could mean a ban on paved drives while more green spaces are introduced.
These new restrictions will also detail the types of surface homebuilders can use for their drives.
Rebecca Pow, junior environment minister, said that the driveways need to be able to stop excessive water getting down into the drains.
She told The Telegraph: “We need to have semi-permeable membranes on our driveways, rather than Tarmac, so that rainwater doesn’t rush away but soaks in.”
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It’s said that homebuilders may need to prove that they have installed sustainable drainage before they can connect their houses to the sewage network.
Because of this, extensive paving is unlikely to be allowed as it could trigger sewage overflows.
Meanwhile, here’s what you can do if your neighbour keeps blocking up your driveway.
This includes contacting your local council or reporting anti-social behaviour online.
Driveway conversion could also add value to your home, however the average cost of having one installed is currently £2,475.
We rounded up the positives and drawbacks of ­driveway conversion.