High street bakery giant removing doughnuts from display boxes to deter thieves

GREGGS is removing its doughnuts from display boxes and putting them behind the till to stop thieves pinching them.
Customers only get their hands on the treats and cakes after paying at the bakery’s East Ham store in East London.


Greggs is removing its doughnuts from display boxes to stop thieves pinching themCredit: Latestdeals.co.uk

It comes after a North London store recently locked its drinks fridges after a spate of thefts.
Sun Squeeze Team member and consumer champion Martyn James said: “What have we come to when the small things that make life worth living like cakes and doughnuts have to be hidden away just so opportunistic thieves don’t steal them ?
“It’s time to clamp down hard on these antisocial criminals who are making life worse for employees and spoiling things for everyone.”
Greggs did not respond to request for comment.


A member of staff from the Archway store, North London, where the drinks fridge is padlocked, told The Sun on Sunday: “Shoplifting happens every day here.

“The fridge is padlocked because they would just take bottles and sell them round the corner.
“They take anything that’s not nailed down.”

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