Greggs makes major change to sausage roll prices – and shoppers won’t be happy

GREGGS has made a major change to sausage roll prices and fans have been left disappointed.The price of a Greggs sausage roll has risen from £1.10 to £1.15 in recent weeks – an increase of 5p.
1Greggs has made a major change to sausage roll pricesCredit: Alamy
It is the second time this year that the bakery chain has hiked its prices.
Fans of Greggs are gutted and have taken to social media to complain.
“How can Greggs put sausage rolls prices up from £1.10 to £1.15? I’m actually tired”, one fan said.
Another added: “That’s me finished with Greggs.”

Meanwhile, a third described it as “terrible news”.
Responding to one customer on Twitter, Greggs said: “Like many retailers, we’re having to manage the pressure of rising prices across our supply chain.
“We’ve had to make some small prices increases across our range.”
The bakery chain says it is committed to keeping the prices of its other promotions the same, such as breakfast meal at £3.50 and an americano at £1.95.
It comes after Greggs revealed that sales jumped by 15% over the past three months.
Greggs raised its prices by between 5p and 10p back in January, including sausage rolls.
The price of the popular pastries and their vegan counterparts rose from £1 to £1.05.
In May, the chain warned customers that prices could go up again this year because of inflation, which currently stands at 9.9%.
This means that the price of a sausage rolls has risen by 10p since the beginning of this year.
The bakery chain’s boss said that its low-cost food and meal deal options were more important during a time when many households are struggling with significant cost of living pressures.
The group has driven forward its expansion plans and is set to have opened 150 new stores for the year as a whole.
This includes two “drive through” shops in Amesbury and Durham.
In September it commissioned an automated pizza manufacturing line at its site in Enfield.
But Greggs isn’t the only high street retailer that has increased it’s prices this year.
Costa Coffee came under fire in June for hiking prices for the second time in six months.
Some menu items went up by as much as 12%, with the cost of a small cappuccino rising from £3.15 to £3.50.
Maccies sparked outrage after bumping up the cost of its 99p cheeseburger for the first time in 14 years.
And Nando’s quietly hiked its prices early this year by as much as 8%.
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