Full list of bills set to rise by up to £370 in 2024 & how to avoid paying more

MILLIONS of Brits are set to be hit with increases to several household bills this year.
Some will even go up by hundreds of pounds so it’s good to know which bills are rising and when.


Millions of Brits are set to be hit with increases to several household bills this year

The latest research from Compare the Market has revealed how, on average, household bills surged by £326 in the past year.
This includes the cost of energy, water, home insurance, motor insurance, and council tax.
The total annual cost for regular household bills is now approximately £5,589, up from £5,263 last year.
The different amounts bills are going up by and when can be confusing, which is why we’ve made a handy list to keep you right.


That way you’ll face no surprises and we’ve included a few tips on how to keep your costs down as well.
Here’s everything you need to know that’s happening this year.
Energy – January 1
Energy bills rose by £94 for millions of households on January 1.
The energy regulator Ofgem confirmed the new price cap will be in place until March 31.

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The cap rose from £1,834 to £1,928 a year for the average household.
It’s important to note though that this is not a cap on the overall amount people will pay for their energy.
Instead, it caps the amount that they pay per kilowatt hour, or unit, of gas and electricity.

It’s not the only time energy bills will be changing this year either.
At the moment the energy price cap is adjusted every three months, and the next change will come on April 1.
The price cap is due to fall by £268 to £1,660, according to energy analysts at Cornwall Insight – but this won’t be confirmed until February.
This trend is currently expected to carry on through 2024, falling again to £1,590 in July before a slight increase to £1,640 from October.

The best thing we can recommend doing to keep costs at bay is paying attention to vampire appliances and energ …