Full list of benefits which qualify for £150 Warm Home Discount

MILLIONS of households including those on Universal Credit qualify for a discount on their energy bills this winter.
The eligibility requirements for the Warm Home Discount are the same as last year.


Millions of households claiming eight different benefits qualify for the Warm Home DiscountCredit: Getty

There are two Warm Home Discount schemes – one for England and Wales, and one for Scotland.
Those living in England and Wales do not need to apply for the scheme, but those living in Scotland do.
Between now and December, the government will issue letters to households that qualify for the scheme.
Once your eligibility is confirmed, you should expect to receive the payment by the end of December 2023 or within six weeks of being sent the letter.

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To qualify, you need to claim either the guaranteed credit element of Pension Credit or a different qualifying means-tested benefit, including:

If you weren’t claiming any of these benefits on August 13, 2023, you won’t be eligible for the payment.
Where someone claims a qualifying benefit, the government will assess their energy costs based on the type, age and size of property. 

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You may not be considered eligible for the Warm Home Discount if you live in a more energy-efficient property for instance, even if you receive a qualifying benefit.

But this rule doesn’t apply to recipients of the guarantee credit portion of Pension Credit.
Do I need to apply for the discount?
People living in England and Wales don’t need to apply for the Warm Home Discount as of this year.
You get the payment automatically if your electricity supplier is part of the scheme and you qualify.
Households will receive a letter in the post over the coming weeks confirming their eligibility.

Energy regulator Ofgem says some people may be asked to contact a Government helpline to confirm their eligibility.
If you have not received a letter by the middle of January 2024, but you think you should be eligible for a rebate, contact the WHD helpline on 0800 030 9322.
Visit the government website for more information.
How do I secure the discount in Scotland?
The Scottish Government has not changed their Warm Home Discount scheme to bring it in line with England and Wales’ application-free scheme.

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Households in Scotland will have to follow the rules set out in the legacy scheme.

This means there is still a “core group” that’ll receive an automatic payment and a “broader group” who’ll have to apply for the scheme with their energy provider.