Full list of bank branches set to close next week – is one near you closing?

MORE THAN 20 bank branches will close next week, including HSBC and NatWest.
Banks and building societies are set to close hundreds branches this year as customers opt for digital banking.


More than 20 bank branches are set to close next weekCredit: Alamy

Nearly 80 branches will be pulling down their shutters for the final time in May according to LINK, the UK’s cash machine network.
Closures will come in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, impacting a number of banks, including HSBC, Halifax and NatWest.
The closures come as more and more customers of major high street banks shift to do their banking online and on apps.
Below is the full list of 22 bank branches that are closing between Monday, May 1 and Sunday, May 7.

HSBC – six branches

Coleraine, Northern Ireland – May 2
Wilmslow, England – May 2
Bideford, England – May 2
Gainsborough, England – May 2
Whitley Bay, England – May 2
Launceston, England – May 2

Lloyds – two branches

Marylebone High Street, London, England – May 3
Ipswich, England – May 4

Halifax – three branches

Golders Green, London, England – May 3
Putney, London, England – May 4
Norbury, England – May 4

TSB – one branch

Evesham, England – May 4

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NatWest – two branches

Dunstable, England – May 3
Maidstone, England – May 4

Barclays – eight branches

Chislehurst, England – May 4
St Helens, England – May 4
Radlett, England – May 5
Fleet Street, London, England – May 3
Leyburn, England – May 5
Talbot Green, Wales – May 5
Oundle, England – May 5
Watton, England – May 3

What can I do if my local bank branch closes down?
While the shift from in-person to mobile and online banking isn’t an issue for most people, it can be if you don’t have access to the internet.
Concerns have been raised the closure of banks will adversely impact the elderly, who might be left without a nearby branch.
But there are ways you can carry on banking if you’ve found yourself in this situation.
You can do most basic banking tasks at your local Post Office.
Plus, many banks offer a mobile banking service, which is where it brings a bus to your local area offering all the services you normally get in a physical branch.

It’s worth calling up your bank to see if it does something like this.
Meanwhile, banks sometimes use public buildings, such as village halls or libraries to offer mobile banking services.
Again, you should contact your bank to see if it runs something like this.
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